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Black Friday Car Shopping

Black Friday has been one of the best days of the year to buy a car. According to an analysis by Edmunds, 15 percent of the total November car sales take place on the Black Friday weekend. Big-box re

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When You Should Change Your Air Filter

The air which enters your engine flows via the air filter. The filter captures sand and other debris to protect your engine and help it last longer. Based on driving conditions, the engine gas filter

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When To Change Your Brake Pads

When it comes to maintaining vehicles, there are important parts, and there are crucial parts. Brake pads are among the most crucial components that are known to be normal wear, as they create frictio

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Getting The Smell Of Smoke Out Of Your Car

  Smoke can leave a long-lasting –and undesirable–scent in a car. Smoke is also an odor that's hard to get rid of for good. But, by giving the car a thorough interior clean-up, you should be abl

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Getting Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

You may be given the option to buy extended warranty and mechanical breakdown insurance if you purchase a new or used vehicle. Here's what you need to know about your options when you want to seek ins

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What To Look For In A Dealership When Buying A Car

Buying a new car is one of life's more exciting experiences, but if you don't follow some simple car buying rules, it can be overwhelming and expensive. Luckily, lots of resources are available to hel

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How to Finance a car with Bad Credit?

How to finance a car with Bad Credit? Checking your Credit Score The first and easiest step to financing a car with bad credit is knowing your credit score. You would be surprised by the number of

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Toyota Highlander vs. Honda Pilot Which Is Right For You?

The Toyota Highlander and Honda Pilot were reigning three-row best-selling SUVs and have helped form America's most successful market. Although the Highlander has been revamped for model year 2020, th

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Toyota Corolla vs. Hyundai Elantra: Which Best Suits You?

There have been two compact sedan class leaders for many years: the Honda Civic and the Toyota Corolla. Due to its mix of price, good fuel economy and reliability, the Corolla has fought hard to maint

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Chevrolet Colorado vs. Toyota Tacoma - Which Is The Best Compact Pickup?

Compact pickup trucks these days have a new sense of value, but established rivals here still have an advantage. The Toyota Tacoma, first updated in 2016 and this year introducing new standard feature

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