How Often Should You Rotate Your Tires?

Chevy Mechanic Working on Tires

Most people in Los Banos have wondered, “How often should you rotate your tires?” We get that question a lot around Western Motors Los Banos. Generally, you should rotate your tire every 5,000 to 8,000 miles, but for exact figures on your make and model, you should check your owner’s manual. If you want to know when to rotate tires, keep reading, and if it’s time to rotate your tires, schedule a service appointment at our service center.

Rotating Tires on FWD and RWD Vehicles

Do you know the difference between front-wheel and rear-wheel-drive? It simply means where power from the engine is directed. On a front-wheel-drive vehicle, power is sent to the front tires, but in a rear-wheel-drive car, it goes to the rear tires. This means that the tires getting the most engine power will wear out faster than the other tires. If you drive a FWD or RWD vehicle, keep these tips in mind when rotating your tires:

  • How many miles to rotate tires on FWD or RWD cars? It should be done about every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. Be sure to confer to your owner’s manual for exact figures.
  • When doing a FWD tire rotation, flip sides when moving the rear tires. So, the rear right tire should be moved to the front left. But, when you move the front tires to the rear, keep them on the same side.
  • For a RWD vehicle, do the opposite as above. Flip sides when moving the front tires to the rear, but keep the back tires on the same side when you move them to the front.
  • Your driving habits, like off-roading, will impact when to rotate tires. Talk with the service team at Western Motors Los Banos to determine how many miles to rotate tires on your vehicle.

AWD Tire Rotation Tips

If you own an all-wheel-drive (AWD) vehicle, it will have a different tire rotation frequency and pattern than RWD or FWD cars. Most AWD tires should be rotated approximately every 3,000 – 5,000 miles, especially if you use AWD routinely on your drives around Dos Palos. Follow these tips when rotating AWD tires at home:

  1. The left rear tire should go to the right front spot.
  2. The right rear should go to the left front spot.
  3. The right front tire should go to the left rear spot.
  4. The left front should go to the right rear spot.

Of course, if you prefer to have a professional rotate your tires contact our service team near Gustine for assistance. 

Why Rotate Tires?

Now that you’ve learned when to rotate tires, you may be curious why you should rotate them. The answer is simple. It greatly extends the life of your tires. Also, regular tire rotation provides these additional advantages:

  • Less road noise
  • Improved traction on slippery Newman streets
  • Relieves stress on your drivetrain

Remember that caring for your tires still won’t make them last forever. If you need a new set of tires, reach out to us today. 

Western Motors Los Banos is Always Happy to Help

Feel free to check out our service and parts tips for more pointers on caring for your vehicle. We hope it lasts you a long time, but if you need a gently used car, we can help. Check out our monthly specials and contact us. We’re here for you!

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