Premium vs. Regular Gas

Pumping Gas

Pull up to any gas station across Dos Palos and you’re going to need to choose between premium vs. regular gas. In fact, this isn’t much of a choice for most drivers since they already know to fill up with one or the other, but perhaps you’re curious or simply want to keep gas types in mind while shopping for a pre-owned vehicle.

Whatever the reason, all you need to do is read on to explore for yourself the difference between premium and regular gas.

Premium vs. Regular Gas: Factors to Consider

There are a few things you have to think about when comparing premium vs. regular gas, so here’s a quick overview of key differences:

  • Octane Rating: An octane rating lets you know how well a type of fuel will control engine knocking, which is bad for your vehicle. A higher octane rating means a lower risk.
  • Engine Type: For an engine with a low compression ratio, regular is usually recommended. For Gustine drivers who drive vehicles with high compression engines, performance will typically be best.
  • Price: Price is always going to be a key difference between premium and regular. You’ll usually pay anywhere from 20 to 40 cents more per gallon for premium.

Premium vs. Regular Gas: The Difference Between Them

Most regular unleaded gasoline has an octane rating of 87, and it’s going to be the best option for the majority of Newman drivers thanks to its lower cost.

Premium gas is also produced from crude oil, but higher levels of refinement give it an octane rating that is 90 or above. It also creates less pollution than regular gas since it burns much cleaner.

Premium vs. Regular Gas: Which is Right for You?

You should know by now which type of gas is best for your vehicle, but here are a few further points to keep in mind:

  • Using premium in a vehicle designed for regular gas will not improve performance.
  • If you hear engine knocking, it might be a good idea to upgrade from regular gas to premium.
  • You may have to fill up with premium gas if your vehicle utilizes a turbocharger.

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