How to Reset a Check Engine Light

check engine light on

It’s a common experience when driving around Los Banos, suddenly your check engine light starts flashing. Don’t panic. There may be nothing wrong with your car engine at all, even if that annoying light just won’t go off. The service center at Western Motors Los Banos is happy to reset a check engine light, or maybe you can do it yourself if you follow the steps below. Learn how to reset a check engine light here, and if you have questions, contact us.

If There Is a Problem, Have It Resolved

Hopefully, if you’ve reached the point where you’re trying to figure out how to reset a check engine light, you either think nothing is wrong, or you’ve decided to fix it later. Please exercise caution. For your safety and that of your passengers, we at Western Motors Los Banos encourage you to take care of the issue as soon as possible. Ignoring a problem now may cause it to become a much bigger issue later. You can schedule service online and have one of our experienced technicians resolve the issue. That way, you’ll be back on Dos Palos streets quickly!

Disconnect the Negative Battery Cable

If you haven’t found a problem, you can manually reset your check engine light by disconnecting the negative battery cable. It’s pretty easy to do! Just follow the steps below:

  1. Turn off your ignition and put on some safety glasses and gloves.
  2. Fine the negative terminal. It will have a black cap and a negative (–) symbol. The positive cap is red and will have a positive (+) sign.
  3. Using a wrench, loosen the nut on the negative terminal. Then, pull the negative connector off of the battery. Keep it disconnected for at least 60 seconds.
  4. Reconnect the negative cable and tighten it with a wrench.

Remember, disconnecting your battery might also reset your infotainment system settings.

Check Your Gas Cap

If disconnecting your negative battery cable didn’t reset the check engine light, here is another option to get you back on Gustine roads. You might have a loose or cracked gas cap, which causes gas fumes to release. This could cause your engine light to illuminate. When you’re safely parked, remove your gas cap and put it back on. If the engine light doesn’t turn off, follow the steps above to disconnect the battery again.

Western Motors Los Banos is Always at Your Service

Fixing cars can be tricky, even for the most seasoned DIYers! If you can’t get that pesky check engine light to go off, bring it the auto pros at Western Motors Los Banos, near Newman. We will be happy to rest your check engine light or even rotate your tires. Better yet, maybe it’s time to trade up for a newer vehicle that is more reliable. Check out our extensive inventory and contact us today!

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